General Monitors” HazardWatch integrated fire and gas detection system is a safety monitoring solution designed to help process and plant engineers protect their operations, equipment, and staff from fire and combustible gases. The system”s controller, hardware configuration, and software have been tested and certified by Factory Mutual to verify NFPA 72 compliance. This includes certification for central station monitoring, as both a fire alarm panel and gas controller, for fault tolerant digital communications, and as a releasing control panel. HazardWatch is a modular system that combines a programmable logic controller (PLC) platform with General Monitors’ advanced gas and flame field devices. It is scalable, making it suitable for small systems to large plant-wide applications. Up to 13 local gas and fire alarm panels can operate over a wide network of up to 25 kilometers in length. The system features a standalone local fire and gas alarm panel with a color touch screen with a human-machine interface (HMI) that is also FM approved for central station monitoring. The system’s optional HazardNet dual-media (coaxial cable or fiber optic), fault-tolerant communications network supports communication between the local gas and flame panels and the optional HazardWatch Central Station with a HazardView Workstation that is AC-powered with UPS backup. The system supports MODBUS, Ethernet, or ControlNet communication for interfacing with DCS or ESD systems. Integration with third-party devices, such as horns, beacons, smoke detectors, and suppression systems, is possible. The system comes with a power system and battery backup that complies with NFPA 72 standards. It is a good fit for monitoring applications in oil/gas production, petrochemical refining, LNG & LPG plants and pipelines, electric power generation, aerospace launch facilities, warehouse and storage facilities, automotive plants, and any industry where hydrocarbon vapors are a potential threat.