Hawk Measurement acquired Fluidic Flowmeters’ flow measurement product line. The deal is expected to enable Hawk to more aggressively participate in the $18 billion (US) global process measurement market. Fluidic Flowmeters product line serves the sub segment for direct measurement of volumetric flow of liquids and is particularly effective with hard-to-measure liquids that have characteristics such as non-conductive, high viscosity, cryogenic, and/or are corrosive.

Fluidic Flowmeters’ products are classified as oscillatory flowmeters, which utilize specially designed geometric shapes to create an environment where self-induced, sustained oscillations will occur. Oscillatory flowmeters are inherently digital devices; that is, the basic unconditioned output signal is a frequency. In a properly executed flowmeter, the frequency of oscillation is accurately proportional to volumetric flowrate. There are several categories of oscillatory flowmeters, each with unique geometry and application characteristics.

The Fluidic Flowmeters’ product line will be covered under Hawk Measurement”s 24 month warranty on all applications, based on the expertise of their Application Engineers.