ProSoft Technology’s HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) multi-drop communication modules for Rockwell Automation’s ControlLogix, SLC 500, PLC5, and Schneider Electric’s Quantum processors allow networks to access temperature, pressure, and multivariable units. The HART multi-drop modules feature:
• Multi-drop field metwork
• Read/write data
• Four independent HART master ports, each user-configurable with up to 100 commands and up to 15 devices per port (point-to-point and multi-drop modes)
• Can be configured as a secondary master (i.e., handheld configuration device)
• Supports available HART commands including universal, common practice, and device-specific commands
• Independently configurable channels for reading process-variable data and configuration data from the instruments
• Data read from the devices is made available to the processor across the backplane for use in control applications
• Burst mode for faster update of data from a single slave

With auto-polling, the HART modules automatically sense and determine devices on the channel. The Burst communication mode enables three to four data updates per second. In Burst mode, the slave device is configured to continuously broadcast a standard HART reply message. The master receives the message at the higher speed and can be configured to instruct the Slave when to stop. The HART modules also allow two communicating masters per channel. The primary and secondary masters can be a PC, handheld, or DCS.