The HART Communication Foundation has opened an office in Tokyo, which will be helmed by Kaoru (Carl) Sonoda as General Manager, HCF Japan Operations. The Tokyo office will aim to provide users and foundation member companies with application assistance, information, and technical support on the HART Communication Protocol with a focus on Japanese process industry requirements.

“Our focus is always on the global perspective. Think global, act local. So, it has always been our plan to establish satellite offices in major world areas,” said Ron Helson, executive director of the HART Communication Foundation, in a prepared statement. “Carl Sonoda is a welcome addition to the foundation. He has 30 years of field communication expertise and will help us better support and promote HART Communication in Japan. His knowledge and experience have already proven invaluable in our commitment to the Japanese market.”

Sonoda will coordinate with the foundation’s staff in Austin, Texas, to provide marketing and technical activities, including educational programs, seminars, training, trade shows, documents, and website content in Japanese language.

Sonoda earned a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Meiji University and has published numerous papers and magazine articles on digital communication and field devices.

Sonoda has been involved in HART Communication Foundation marketing activities and working groups for the past 11 years. He recently retired from Yokogawa Electric Corporation.