Earlier this month, Group Associate Editor Amanda Hosey and I traveled to Aston, Pennsylvania, for Geiger Pump & Equipment‘s 11th Mid-Atlantic Pump & Process Equipment Symposium. We learned about wastewater, how to take apart pumps and put them back together, and how to install mechanical seals.

First, we learned how to disassemble and reassemble the liquid end of a pump. We were also shown around the facility, which is full of equipment and tools.

We learned the many steps involved for installing mechanical seals. When you don’t have a cartridge seal, it’s important to pay attention to exact measuring and the specs that come with the deal. The most common problem for premature mechanical seal failure is a bent shaft, so we used a dial indicator and shaft runout to test for it. We learned that although cartridge seals are more expensive, they can be refurbished at half the price, and they are much easier to install.

Next, we disassembled and reassembled the pump’s power end. Included in this were three ways to fit bearings. Amanda excelled at using the bearing press, but we both preferred the heater.

In addition to the classes, we were able to make new industry connections between classes. We are already looking forward to next year!