Meriam ProcessTechnologies” M2 smart manometer, part of the MSeries line of test instruments and calibrators, is the first in a sequence of handheldinstruments that are designed to simplify pressure calibration andmonitoring. The manometer features a compact, ruggeddesign that makes it a good fit for field applications. Its accuracy allows itto serve as a pressure reference standard.

Features include:
•    11 selectable user units (consult factory for custom user units)
•    Expanded ranges to handle gauge, differential, absolute, or vacuum pressure
•    Min/Max feature to capture extremes of varying pressure signals
•    One-point or five-point field recalibration for zero, span, and linearity
•    Leak test procedure to calculate leak rate in units selected per minute
•    Flow function to display square-root flow rated in user-defined units
•    Custom-molded protective rubber boot
•    Polycarbonate enclosure with permanently static dissipative, ESD protection
(6.5″ _ 3.6″ _ 2.25″)

Applications include:
•    Calibration of field devices (pressure gauges, transmitters, recorders, and switches)
•    Pressure drop across filters and rotary vane meters
•    Open flow measurement of gas wells with a pitot tube or orifice plate
•    Verification of vacuum pumps and barometers
•    Pharmaceutical process monitoring (low pressure or vacuum)