GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies” hand-held DPI 620 advanced multifunction calibrator features HART capability. The rugged and compact instrument, which is weatherproofed to IP 65, contains a complete library of registered HART device descriptions to support more than 1000 sensors. Upgrades may be downloaded free-of-charge from the GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies Web site. The communicator/calibrator has a full-color, high-resolution touch interface with large internal memory, allowing it to store additional features such as procedure and data log files. These can be transferred using USB, WiFi, memory stick or the instrument’s memory card, which can be up to 4GB, with its integral card reader. Features new to HART communicators include an integral 24V loop-power supply to energize HART devices and loops, and a menu-selectable 250 Ohm loop resistor, rather than a separate physical resistor, for use when a device is not connected or the loop is switched off. The communicator features on-board pressure generation from vacuum to 100 bar pneumatic or zero to 1,000 bar hydraulic, at an accuracy of 0.005 percent full scale.