Alicat Scientific, a manufacturer of mass flow and pressure technology, has been acquired by Halma p.l.c., a provider of safety, health and sensor technology based in the United Kingdom. Alicat will join Halma’s global group of fluid technology businesses.

Alicat Scientific, a manufacturer of a range of mass flow products, was acquired by Halma and will join the fluid technology sector of the company”s Health & Analysis business group.

Founded in 1991, Alicat specialized in differential-pressure flow measurement technology. The company’s mass flow devices are used in medical and scientific instrumentation, as well as specialty industrial applications for high-precision measurement of gas and liquid flows. Its product range includes mass and liquid flowmeters and controllers; pressure controllers; digital pressure and vacuum gauges; portable flowmeters; calibration standards; software and accessories.

Halma is a holding company of 36 worldwide subsidiaries that develop and manufacture products. The company’s business groups focus on industrial safety, health and analysis, and infrastructure sensors. Alicat joins the fluid technology sector of the health and analysis business group. Other brands in this group manufacture critical components such as pumps, probes, valves, connectors and tubing used by scientific, environmental and medical diagnostic instrument manufacturers for demanding fluid handling applications.

Halma typically acquires companies in familiar markets or closely allied sectors. Alicat shares a number of key customers and market niches with new sister companies Bio-Chem Fluidics, Diba Industries and Perma Pure. The acquisition of Alicat and its complementary technologies is expected to create opportunities for technical and marketing collaborations.

Halma’s global presence is expected to allow Alicat to bring its products to new international markets with minimal risk.