UV Pure Technologies” Hallett 15xs UV water treatment system features Branded Crossfire Technology, a patented design that incorporates an automatic self-cleaning device to keep the quartz in UV water treatment systems from fouling from the water flow inside the quartz sleeve. Lamps are mounted in air inside optimized elliptical reflectors, which increase effectiveness by a factor of 2.3 versus conventional system design. Dual sensors measure UV intensity of the lamps and net UV transmission through the water column, so an operator knows how effective the system is operating in real time. The water treatment system is NSF/ANSI 55 Class A certified. Additional features include standard flexible hoses in and out for easy installation, an RS-485 port to facilitate PLC applications, and standard fail-safe solenoid shut-valve. Optional features include remote wireless monitor, 4-20 mA analog data port, and modem with RJ-45 connector.