King Guided Wave Radar Level MeterKING-GAGE LevelWAV guided-wave radar level transmitter provides continuous measurement suitable over a range of temperatures, pressures and density variations in tanks containing liquids and solids. This radar level transmitter can be used in level applications where visible vapors, foam, surface agitation, pressure and/or high process temperatures (up to 392 F/200 C) pose unusual challenges. Probe length for LevelWAV transmitters is factory calibrated based on tank depth to virtually eliminate on-site adjustment and commissioning. The guided-wave radar level transmitter utilizes time domain reflectometry (TDR) technology whereby pulses of microwave energy are propagated down a waveguide (probe) extending into the tank contents. Guided-wave radar works well in tanks having internal structures while providing measured level accuracy to typically within +/-0.6 inch (+/-15 mm). Setup is easier, simpler and more repeatable than “through air” non-contacting radar as very little energy is lost through the probe permitting measurement of very low dielectric media. Output from the ES2 guided-wave radar level transmitter can be monitored on KING-GAGE indicators and multiple tank displays enabling tank level to be represented as total volume, weight or depth of contents. Options include network connectivity including Ethernet. Each of these display options also provides excitation power (24Vdc) to the guided-wave radar level transmitter through the signal loop cable.