Sight flow indicators have long been considered a fail-proof means of observing the presence (or absence) of flow within a process pipeline. A new white paper, the “Guide to First Indication Flow Rates of Sight Flow Indicators,” shows the flow velocity required for first indication for different types of sight flow indicators, as well as illustrates the required respective velocity for flapper- and rotator-style indicators, relative to pipe size.

The paper outlines the types of applications in which certain flow indicators may be applied and provides key points of consideration when specifying a sight flow indicator, including:

  • Direction of flow
  • Characteristics of the process material
  • Pipe size and directional orientation
  • Window design

The white paper also offers guidance on applications for visual flowmeters and situations where certain types of flow indicators are not recommended.

To download a free copy of the “First-Indication Flow Rates of Sight Flow Indicators” white paper, complete the form fields below.

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