Chemineer”s Greerco homogenizers are designed for mixing, emulsifying, and dispersing paint and coatings ingredients of varying viscosities. These high-speed, high-shear devices subject mixtures to intense mechanical and hydraulic forces to reduce mixing time and assure uniform blending. The motor is mounted above the homogenizing head (turbine-stator), and blending is accomplished by immersing the homogenizing head in a tank or mixing vessel. The speed and patented design of the skewed turbine develop a pressure differential between the bottom of the turbine and the process material surface. As a result, unrefined materials are continuously drawn from the bottom of the container and forced to pass through restricted stator openings for efficient batch processing.

Additional features include:
• Capacities from lab scale to 4,000 gallons
• Reversible for entraining and hydrating dry powders
• All contact metals 316 stainless steel and all mixing parts easily accessible
• Adjustable crossbar and deflector plate
• Pumping capacities from 10 to 1,300 GPM