AIR ATOMIZING NOZZLE: A spray nozzle that combines both air and liquid to produce very fine droplet sizes in a controlled manner.

CLIP-ON: A spray nozzle designed to simply “clip” over a pre-drilled pipe by using a stainless steel spring clip.

EDUCTOR: An item used to mix fluids in a tank that uses a unique venturi design, which enables smaller pumps to circulate large volumes of tank solution.

FLAT SPRAY: A spray nozzle that produces a flat, fan-shaped spray pattern.

FLOODING NOZZLE: A wide, flat-shaped spray pattern with low impact.

FLOWRATE: The amount of fluid flowing through a spray nozzle at a given pressure.

FULL CONE: A spray nozzle that produces a circular, full-cone pattern, with uniform distribution throughout the cone.

HIGH IMPACT FLAT SPRAY (FP): A flat and thin spray with sharp definition on all edges.

HYDRAULIC ATOMIZING (C): A very fine hollow-cone spray using only the liquid pressure for atomizing.

QUICK DISCONNECT: A spray nozzle designed to allow fast and easy installation and removal of spray nozzle tips.

SPRAY ANGLE: The diameter, width or characteristics of the spray flow from the nozzle.

SPRAY NOZZLE: A tool used to spray a liquid that controls the amount of liquid and the spray angle of the liquid.

SQUARE SPRAY: (SQ) Full-cone spray pattern, with uniform distribution throughout a square cone.

TWISTER: Nozzles with larger flowrates and smaller droplet sizes. Looks like a corkscrew.

VENTURI EFFECT: The reduction in fluid pressure that results when a fluid flows through a constricted section of pipe. BEX Eductors are designed to take advantage of this effect.

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