ATOMIZATION: The process of generating drops by forcing liquid through a nozzle.

CFD MODELING: Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) uses numerical methods and algorithms to analyze and solve problems involving fluid flows, such as liquid and gas flows in towers, gas and liquid mixing in two-fluid nozzles, and wall impact and shadowing.

DROP SIZE: Size of the individual spray drops that comprise a nozzle”s spray pattern.

FINE SPRAY: Very fine atomized spray pattern with very small drops often achieving misting performance. The spray pattern is affected by air friction and currents.

FLAT FAN: A flat spray pattern distributes the liquid as a flat- or sheet-type spray.

FOGGING: Finely atomized spray pattern ideal for applications where wetting is needed without excess moisture.

FULL CONE: A full cone spray pattern is round, square, or oval, and completely filled with spray drops.

HOLLOW CONE: The hollow cone spray pattern is essentially a circular ring of liquid.

IMPACT MEASUREMENT: 3D image of a spray showing how impact varies throughout the spray pattern.

LASER SHEET IMAGING: A device for measuring 2D spray plume concentration distribution.

PATTERNATOR: A device used to measure liquid/spray distribution.

PHASE DOPPLER: Analyzer used to measure drop size and 2D velocity measurement using laser-imaging techniques.

SOLID STREAM: A solid stream spray pattern is a uniform stream of liquid.

SPECIFIC GRAVITY: Liquid”s density relative to the density of water.

SPRAY COVERAGE: Coverage of spray patterns as calculated from the included spray angle of the spray and the distance from the nozzle orifice.

SPRAY DISTRIBUTION: Size distribution of drops present in a spray sample typically expressed by the size vs. the cumulative volume percent.

SURFACE TENSION: Property of a liquid by virtue of which the surface molecules exhibit a strong inward attraction, forming an elastic skin that tends to contract to the minimum area.

VISCOSITY: Property of a liquid that presents resistance to flow due to the existence of internal friction within the fluid.

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