FluidwellThe Netherlands-based instrumentation company Fluidwell Inc. has opened a U.S. sales office as part of the company’s worldwide expansion program and to provide better regional sales support, according to an official announcement.

The new U.S. office covers the entire region of North and South America and is based in Massachusetts, headed by David Umana, who has over 25 years of experience in the instrumentation industry with expertise in flow, level, pressure and temperature applications.

Parent company Fluidwell Group offers instrumentation in the field of signal processing, actuation and recording. Fluidwell designs and manufactures a range of flow computers, indicators, totalizers, transmitters, monitors and controllers (Fluidwell Displays); high-tech process sensor instrumentation (Fluidwell Instruments); and provides remote monitoring solutions for the process industry (ProcessMonitor).

The opening of the U.S. office follows the opening of Fluidwell Asia in Australia in 2011.

The Fluidwell U.S. sales office can be reached at salesusa@fluidwell.com.