Macro Sensors GHSE 750 line of 24-volt, spring-loaded position sensors offers accurate position measurement in a variety of dimensional gaging applications. Available in ranges of 0.100 inches (2.5 mm) to 4.00 inches (100 mm), the maximum linearity error of the sensor is 0.25 percent of full-scale output. Sensors consist of a spring-loaded shaft running in a precision sleeve bearing, which is connected to the core of an LVDT. Because the core and coil are assembled into a spring-loaded assembly, the mechanical setup of the sensor is relatively simple. Constructed entirely of stainless steel, these hermetically sealed 19 mm diameter sensors provide long service life in various industrial uses such as industrial gaging systems, electronic dial indicators, fabricated metal products gaging, materials testing apparatus, as well as large shaft TIR measurement. Coil windings are sealed against hostile environments to IEC standard IP-68 and electrical termination is also made through a glass sealed axial connector.