VICI Metronics’Dynacalibrator Model 150 is a constant-temperature systemdesigned to generate precise PPM or PPB concentrations of chemicalcompounds in a gas stream, using permeation devices as the trace gassource. It is used as a reference for the calibration of gaschromatography instruments and in other instruments that measure gasconcentrations.This light-weightunit is a compact calibrator capable of delivering the preciseconcentrations required. A passivated Inertium-coated stainless steelpermeation chamber houses the permeation device(s), with measured inertcarrier gas sweeping the calibration gas/vapor from the chamber. Thedigital temperature controller maintains the chamber temperature at aset point with an accuracy of +/-0.01 C, traceable to NIST standards.Temperature settings range from 5 C above ambient to 110 C, allowingthe end user to generate a range of volumetric concentrations forboth low and high vapor pressure chemical compounds. Reduced flow pathvolume permits low concentrationgeneration of mercury, water, and other difficult to work withmaterials. Multicomponentmixtures can be easily generated with a Dynacalibrator and theappropriate combination of permeation devices. This technique alsoallows the removal of a single component from a gas mixture by simplyremoving the appropriate permeation device. Users have a choice ofplumbing and flow configurations. This unit also permits remote controlvia RS 232 cable.