Neptune Mixer Company”s range of gear-driven portable mixers supports mixing/blending applications from wastewater treatment to batch chemical preparation to mixing of paints, varnishes, polymers, etc. All gear-driven mixers feature heavy helical gears for mixing to 350 rpm. (Direct drive mixers available to 1,750 rpm.) Clutchless construction ensures long life and slip-free operation, and the grease-filled gearbox eliminates leaking and the danger of oil contamination of the process. Cast aluminum housings along with 316SS propellers and shafts are standard. Neptune”s gear-drive mixers are available with totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC), explosion-proof or air motors ranging in power from 1/3 hp through 5 hp. Three mounting types are available: clamp or cup plate mount (Series JG), angle-riser mount (Series JGR), and flange mount with shaft seal (Series JGF). The Series JG”s mounting clamp has an adjustable angle of entry by indexed ball-and-socket design to achieve various process results. The angle-riser mount of the Series JGR provides a fixed 10-degree angle of entry. The Series JGF”s standard mounting flange is six-inch carbon steel, with a flange stuffing box rated to 15 PSI. Optional flanges are available in carbon steel or 316SS to 14-inches.