GE Water & Process Technologies ( signed a $15 million contract with Shenhua Group Coal Liquefaction to provide the company with a zero liquid discharge (ZLD) system solution to aid the wastewater needs of its coal liquefaction operations in China.

GE’s ZLD solution includes a salty water and ammonium sulphate catalyst water system with water volume of 286m3/h and 103m3/h respectively. ZLD systems eliminate liquid waste streams and recycle high-purity water for reuse, with recovery rates reaching as high as 90 percent. At the Shenhua Group Company, about 8700m3day of high quality boiler feed and service water is being reclaimed, according to GE Water

ZLD wastewater treatment has been mandated by environmental regulations in many industries, including power, manufacturing, and refining. GE’s ZLD systems use thermal/evaporative treatments to reduce all industrial wastewater to dry solids. These solids are in turn recycled or sent to a landfill. Any useable, high-purity water recovered from the waste treatment process is reused in the plant.