The market for industrial valves will be just under $61 billion/year by 2015 with gate, globe and ball valve revenues accounting for more than $12 billion, according to Industrial Valves World Markets published by the McIlvaine Company.

Industrial Valve Regional Sales ($ Millions)

Continent 2015
Africa 3,308
America 16,467
Asia 27,213
Europe 14,001
Total 60,989


The leading purchaser of valves will be Asia. By 2015, Asia will be buying almost twice as many industrial valves as Europe, McIlvaine says. The infrastructure and heavy industry growth in the region is causing double-digit increases in annual purchases.

Globe valves will be the leader by valve type.  Ball valves will be second on the leader list.

Valve Type Percent
Gate 20%
Globe 22%
Ball 21%
Butterfly 15%
Plug 10%
Check 3%
Safety Relief 4%
Other 5%
Total 100%













McIlvaine has revised the valve categories in its report to focus on the physical valve type rather than use. Previously, control valves were treated as a separate category regardless of their type. The revised categories most closely follow the segmentation used by the valve suppliers. For more information on Industrial Valves World Markets, click here.