Gastronics Inc. (, a supplier of wireless gas sensors with a focus on hazardous sensing environments, joined the ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute as a supplier member. In 1999, Gastronics developed a wireless gas sensing technology called True Wireless Gas Detection.

“The ISA100.11a industrial wireless standard is being mentioned by customers more frequently and it just seemed like the right time to look into it,” stated Bud Dungan, president of Gastronics, in a prepared statement. “The concept of an industrial wireless communication standard with true interoperability and mesh networking capabilities is compelling. We are anxious to add ISA100.11a capabilities to our gas sensors and have high expectations for market uptake of these products.”

Gastronics is working with Nivis LLC (, a supplier of ISA100.11a communication modules, to bring their ISA100.11a gas detection line to market later this year.