Short-range wireless connectivity to thrive in emerging IoT applications

The market for short-range wireless connectivity — including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 802.15.4 and NFC — continues to evolve and expand its use cases in order to meet new Internet of Things (IoT) market requirements. Technical enhancements, new specifications, emerging protocols, collaborations and partnerships, as well as multiprotocol ICs, will all help propel the wireless connectivity market to more than 10 billion IC shipments by 2021, forecasts ABI Research.

These findings are available from ABI Research’s Wireless Connectivity report.

World’s fastest gas detector to prevent global warming

Using new photonics technology, European scientists are developing a multigas detector that can spot dozens of harmful emissions with a single sensor in milliseconds, delivering a breakthrough for the prevention climate change. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) estimates that concentrations of methane (CH4) in the atmosphere are roughly two and a half times those of preindustrial times. The primary component of natural gas, methane is more than 20 times more effective at trapping heat than carbon dioxide and can remain in the atmosphere for more than a decade.

Environmental gas sensors a $3 billion market by 2027

Chemical gas sensors will play a key role in pollutant monitoring over the next decade and IDTechEx predicts that the environmental sensor market will be worth more than $3 billion annually by 2027, according to Dr. David Pugh, Technology Analyst for IDTechEx.

The chemical sensor industry is at a tipping point, with advancements microfabrication technology, gas sensors can now easily be integrated into a number of consumer devices. The new IDTechEx Research Environmental Gas Sensors 2017-2027  details future opportunities as well as challenges faced when introducing chemical gas sensors to new markets as well as highlighting key trends and pioneering work in the gas sensor field. The report contains a comprehensive assessment of both current environmental monitoring equipment and the range of sensor detection principles suitable for use in this field, as well as key growth areas for the sensors industry, as gas sensors become a vital part of infrastructure.