Alicat Gas Mixing StationAlicat Scientific’s new software platform, Flow Vision MX, computerizes control of gas mixing, saving time and reducing error. The simple platform configures up to six Alicat mass flow controllers into a single gas mixing station with an easy-to-follow visual set up. An intuitive graphical user interface, including a setup wizard, guides users through programming gas mixture parameters. The software prohibits mixtures below 100 percent, which eliminates calculation errors and wasted gas costs. Gas blend settings can be saved on the system for future use, making production changeovers quick and error-free. Flow Vision MX’s data logging lets users review mixture accuracy and performance. Percentages for the total mixture, a single controller or multiple controllers are adjusted with simple sliders. With minimal system requirements, the software runs efficiently on even older computers. It supports new mixing systems based on Alicat controllers and can be used to upgrade existing manual ones.