Sage Metering, Inc.’s Sage Clear is a thermal mass flowmeter featuring a bright, high-contrast, photo-emissive OLED display of flowrate, total and temperature in a lightweight NEMA 4 enclosure. The flowrate is also displayed graphically in a horizontal bar graph format. The meter has large, well-marked terminals, for wiring ease. It is powered by 24 VDC (or optionally 115/230 VAC) and includes a built-in power switch. The power dissipation is under 2.5 watts (e.g., under 100 mA at 24 VDC). The flowmeter is offered in Integral or Remote Style, which has lead-length compensation up to 1,000 feet, with an indoor/outdoor junction box (has no electronics, just terminals). Specify any standard probe length or flow body size. The Sage Clear features Sage Metering’s Digital Sensor Drive Technology, resulting in drift-free operation, temperature compensation, and enhanced rangeability (turndown of 100-to-1, and resolution as much as 1,000-to-1). Outputs include 4–20 mA of flowrate, pulsed outputs of consumption, and optional Modbus. The flowmeter also includes Sage Metering’s “In-Situ Calibration Check” that verifies the flowmeter’s accuracy, reproducibility and stability, thus eliminating costly annual factory calibrations. This procedure, when accompanied by the Sage Isolation Valve Assembly (SVA05), is a three-step process – “loosen, lift and look” – that can be done without shutting off the flow.