Burkert’s Type 8055 full-bore magnetic flowmeter supports continuous or batch control with two transistor outputs (40 VDC, 100 mA), four to 20 mA current output and RS485. The transistor outputs are each freely programmable and can be configured as pure switching outputs for a valve, alarm, and rough/fine dosage. In addition, they can be configured proportionately to flowrate/volumes as pulse output (1250 Hz max.). With a large graphic display, the Type 8055 can be programmed locally via three key pads or by PC. Available in three versions: general-purpose, low-flow, and sanitary. Measuring range for the general-purpose version is 3.2 GPM to 1,233 GPM; low-flow version is 0.04 GPM to 55 GPM; and sanitary version is 0.04 gpm to 1,233 GPM. Accuracy for all versions is +/- 0.2 percent of reading (for liquid velocity > 3.28 ft/s). Repeatability is better than 0.1 percent. Minimum conductivity is 5 µS/cm. Fluid temperature range for the general-purpose version is 32 F to 140 F; for the sanitary and low-flow versions, -4 F to 302 F. Ambient temperature range for all versions is -4 F to 140 F. Maximum fluid pressure permitted for all versions is 234 PSI.