Flow Technology”s FT-LD (Leakage Detection) turbine flowmeter system is designed to provide flow measurement accuracy under dynamic temperature conditions. The system provides inferred mass measurements for leakage detection by correcting for temperature effects on fluid volume. The FT Series turbine flowmeter paired with Flow Technology”s LinearLink Temperature
Compensated Interface (TCI), the FT-LD system helps users obtain precise leakage measurements for fluids such as engine oil, transmission oil and hydraulic fluid. The meter is a good fit for high accuracy, compact size and fast response are critical. The LinearLink TCI is an electronics platform for flowmeter linearization, viscosity correction and density compensation. For leakage measurement, the FT flowmeters can be installed in series on a test-stand fixture with the inlet meter located downstream of the device-under-test (DUT) and the outlet meter positioned upstream of the device. The system is then pressurized with the application fluid, and the DUT is run through pre-programmed tests to evaluate its overall performance. The LinearLink TCI infers mass by density compensation, essentially bringing the cold and hot fluid volumes to a standard. Regardless of the fluid temperature, the compensated volume of flow is converted to a weight equivalent, allowing the user to determine the amount of leakage that has occurred during a test procedure. Fluid leakage rates are calculated by subtracting the outlet mass flowrate from the inlet mass