The Fluid Sealing Association (FSA) and the Hydraulic Institute have developed a four-part webinar series, “Introduction to Mechanical Seals,” covering the different types of seals and operating principles, construction and design installation, connections, commissioning, seal environments, and seal failure analysis.

The series is a designed for technical and non-technical professionals, distributors, pump end-users, maintenance or operations personnel. All attendees can earn 4 PDH credits at the conclusion of all four sessions. This live, online series is only offered periodically throughout the year. Sign up is required by noon on March 27, 2014 to ensure your participation.

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The series, which will be held in four separate sessions on March 27, April 1, 3 & 8 consists of the following sessions:

Session 1 (March 27) – Types & Operating Principles: The first session will cover how mechanical seals work and will also offer an overview of the most common seal types. The objectives are to give participants a good understanding of how leakage, friction, and wear of the materials interact and why many different seal types are used in pumps, agitators, and compressors.

Session 2 (April 1) – Construction and Design: Different design features used in common seals are discussed in this session. Strengths and weaknesses of various design options and the impact of design features on seal performance will be covered. This session will also cover seal faces, springs, seal glands, and more.

Session 3 (April 3) – Installation, Connections, & Commissioning: The third session covers mechanical seals used in rotary equipment, basic preparation, and standards as well as support system piping plans that result in longer seal life.

Session 4 (April 8) – Seal Environment and Failure Analysis: The final session explains how to improve material selection, environmental controls, and installation and operating procedures.

If you have any questions, please contact Mark Sullivan, director of Marketing & Education for Hydraulic Institute, at 973-349-5329.

Registration is available here.