Earlier this month I attended an inauguration ceremony and Process Solutions Summit at Endress+Hauser’s ever-growing U.S. campus in Greenwood, Ind. The event marked the opening of the company’s new 80,000-square-foot Customer Center, which features an auditorium-style conference/training room that can accommodate up to 190 people, a cafeteria (“Cafè Blue“) that can seat up to 200 people, a wellness center, and a certified training facility with multiple classrooms and a PTU (Process Training Unit) with over 120 measuring points. It’s an impressive facility, for sure. But even more impressive is the road Endress+Hauser has traveled in growing its U.S. business from its humble beginnings in the 1970s to where it stands now as the company’s largest market outside of Germany. The following timeline provides a sense of just how far E+H U.S. has come.

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1970: G.H. Endress and Hans Peter Zwicky founded Endress+Hauser Inc. USA. The office was located in Beverly, Mass. The building was 3,500 square feet and was formerly a print shop. Number of U.S. employees … 3.

Endress+Hauser Beverly Massachusetts
Endress+Hauser’s first U.S. office in Beverly, Mass.

1973-1974: A short time later, Endress+Hauser Inc. USA moved its office from Beverly, Mass., to Greenwood, Ind., having purchased land from a local farmer. The building was 5,000 square feet and was completed in March 1974. During construction, employees worked out of trailers. Pictured below is the original building in Greenwood. Number of U.S. employees in 1973 … 11.

Endress+Hauser First Geenwood Indiana Office
Original Endress+Hauser building in Greenwood, Ind.

1975-1980: Continuing to grow strong into the mid-70s, a 5,000-square-foot addition to the original building was added. In 1979, another 19,000 square feet of space was constructed, achieving a total of 29,000 square feet. Number of U.S. employees in 1976 … 65.

Endress+Hauser First Geenwood Indiana 1979 Expansion
Endress+Hauser adds a 19,000-square-foot facility at its Greenwood, Ind., campus in 1979.

1980-1985: Endress+Hauser launched and sold its first electromagnetic flowmeters (magmeters) in the U.S.

1987: Launched and sold its first vortex flowmeters in the U.S.

1988: Launched and sold its first mass (Coriolis) flowmeters in the U.S. Number of U.S. employees in 1988 … 95.

1990: Opened a new 45,982-square-foot manufacturing addition, bringing the total building space to 70,982 square feet. Launched and sold the first pressure instruments in the U.S.

Endress+Hauser First 1990 Manufacturing Facility
Endress+Hauser opens a new 45,982-square-foot manufacturing facility in 1990.

1996: Endress+Hauser breaks ground  for a new building. This building today houses sales, marketing, controlling, and logistics offices. The building is 51,386 square feet, which brought the total Endress+Hauser Greenwood, Ind., campus of buildings to 122,368 square feet. The existing buildings accommodated the production of instruments. The new building was completed and occupied in November 1997.

Endress+Hauser Opens Sales & Marketing Facility
Endress+Hauser opens sales, marketing, controlling, and logistics office in 1997.

1999: Launched analytics product line in the U.S. Today the analytics production facility, based in Anaheim, Calif., has over 55,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

2003: Launched temperature product line in the U.S.

2006: Flow Production Center invests over $17 million for a new 92,000-square-foot electromagnetic flow manufacturing facility. Number of U.S. employees in 2006 … 300.

2011: Endress+Hauser inaugurates a new 12,000-square-foot facility for manufacturing temperature and component products.

Endress+Hauser Temperature Product Manufacturing Facility
Endress+Hauser opens 12,000-square-foot temperature product manufacturing facility.

2013: Endress+Hauser inaugurates two new production facilities—an extension to the existing Flow Production Facility of 95,000 square feet and a new building for Level and Pressure Production with more than 105,000 square feet.

Endress+Hauser Flow, Level & Pressure Manufacturing Facility
Endress+Hauser launches inaugurates new production facilities for flow, level, and pressure products in 2013.

2014: Endress+Hauser inaugurates a new 80,000-square-feet Customer Center in Greenwood, Ind., featuring its PTU® (Process Training Unit). Total campus in Greenwood is about 435,000 square feet.

Endress+Hauser Customer Center
Endress+Hauser inaugurates its 80,000-square-foot Customer Center and Process Training Unit in Greenwood, Ind.

E+H U.S. as of September 2014:

  • Number of U.S. employees … 500.
  • 5 Regional Sales and Service Support offices: Houston; Philadelphia; Charlotte, N.C.; Brea, Calif.; Greenwood, Ind.
  • 10 PTU locations around the country.
  • 2 Calibration Labs—Greenwood, Ind. and LaPorte, Texas.

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