ADS EnvironmentalServices’ Profile 3.0 software tool is an intelligent data manager that is designed forconfiguring, collecting, diagnosing, analyzing, and reporting flow andrainfall data from FlowShark and other ADS monitors. The system can alsoimport data in CSV or Excel formats from most other meters. Profile supports  a single flow monitor or networks of monitors of anysize, without limitations. From basic flow data to more complexhydraulic analysis, Profile is an intuitive software that saves time andimproves data quality by compiling project data into one location foranalysis and reporting.  Flow monitoringnetworks provide agencies with critical flow data for improving theperformance of wastewater collection systems. Utilizing an intelligentdata management package for collecting, analyzing and reporting datacan facilitate strategic planning, proactive system management, andimproved use of agency resources. Profile 3.0 is a good fit for maximizing the value of data gathered from flow monitoringnetworks.