Dwyer Instrument’s Series FSW2 Free-Floating Level Switch is a mercury-free, self counter-weighted floating switch designed for the automation of pumps, specifically filling and draining of tanks, wells and reservoirs. The FSW2 is free of any irregularities making it a good fit for use in sewage water applications. The polypropylene body consists of a double-airtight chamber with high-pressure melted polypropylene re-injection sealing to ensure the seal against infiltration. Cable hangers are available to suit a variety of mounting applications. This series has CE approval and optional cables available that include higher chemical compatibility, high-temperature durability, oil resistance, and are suitable for drinking water. The factory can also provide a piggyback plug option, as well as cable length options ranging from 10 to 70 feet (3.04 to 21.34 m). The FSW2 features a mercury-free microswitch housed in a waterproof casing made of polypropylene. The position of the float changes depending on the liquid level, which determines the micro-switch position that controls the operation of the pump.