Vortab BrochureThe Vortab Company has a new brochure available for download, featuring information on how flow conditioning devices can be used to improve the performance, accuracy, and repeatability of flowmeters and other flow-profile critical process equipment.

The Vortab Company manufactures flow conditioners and flow straighteners for flowmeter, process and pump system applications.

Flow disturbances caused by irregular pipe runs, valves and other conditions often adversely affect the accuracy and repeatability of flow measurement and control instrumentation.

Vortab explains that a pipe straight-run is required in flowmeter and pump installations to overcome the swirl, asymmetrical flow profiles and otherwise un-repeatable flow that are created by elbows, pipe expanders or reducers, valves, dampeners, and other disrupters in the process pipe. In process piping systems, finding or adding a suitable amount of straight-run to accommodate the flowmeters, pumps and other critical components is often impractical or un-feasible, either technically, economically, or both. Vortab says flow conditioners, sometimes referred to as flow straighteners, are a practical and cost-effective engineering solution to overcome the lack of available straight-run.

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