IFH Group (www.ifhgroup.com), a provider of oil storage and dispensing systems,
is offering a free installation and instruction video on the benefits of using the company’s state-of-the art storage & dispensing system for industrial fluids. The demo makes a case for the IFH Storage & Dispensing System as an easier, safer, and cleaner alternative to a 55-gallon drums for handling lubricants, such as cutting oils, bearing oils, hydraulic fluids, transmission fluids, and engine oils.

The video provides an audio and visual demonstration of how two workers can have a system up and running in less than two hours. It shows how to complete each step in the setup process, including boltless rack assembly, site gauge and drip-pan installation, and placing the fluid containers in the assembled racking.

To order a copy of the video demo, visit www.ifhgroup.com. Click on the “Free Learning Video” link.