The Fieldbus Foundation announced that its FOUNDATION Development Services Provider (DSP) program continues to grow with the addition of Fieldbus Inc. A solutions provider for fieldbus technology applications, product development, standard and custom function blocks, consulting, training and more, Fieldbus Inc. joins other qualified service providers in the program, which is intended to help automation vendors get started with FOUNDATION product development with the goal of making it faster and easier to bring fieldbus equipment to market.

The Fieldbus Foundation launched the FOUNDATION DSP program to assist automation equipment suppliers preparing to design and manufacture products employing FOUNDATION fieldbus technology. The DSP program is intended to provide access to qualified development services providers with the knowlegdge to make fieldbus solutions a reality. Qualified DSP participants have been evaluated to ensure they have the tools, training and experience necessary to support a wide range of FOUNDATION fieldbus development projects. Services that can be qualified in the FOUNDATION DSP program include H1 and High Speed Ethernet (HSE) fieldbus device development services, as well as host system services.

“The FOUNDATION fieldbus technology market continues to grow, and Fieldbus Foundation members look to participate in it,” Stephen Mitschke, Fieldbus Foundation Manager, Fieldbus Products, said in a prepared statement.

Visit the Development Services Provider page at for information on Fieldbus Inc. as well as other DSP participants.