GF Piping Systems”Schedule 40 PVC clear pipe is designed for fluid applications thatrequire visual monitoring. The clarity of the new clear PVC make it agood choicefor confirming flow direction in a pipe and fluid colorchanges or contamination within a system. It can also be used as secondary containment piping to provide a visual indication of systemleaks. The pipe is availablefrom stock in pipe sizes from one- to three-inch diameters in 10-footlengths with bell ends. 20-foot lengths with bell ends and 10- and20-foot lengths with plain ends are available upon request. Offeringthe same physical characteristics as standard opaque PVC, clear PVC isstrong, lightweight, corrosion-free,and chemically resistant to a widerange of fluids. In addition, clear PVC is compatible with standardSchedule 40 PVC fittings.