SpectronicsCorporation”s OPK-341 Industrial Leak Detection Kit is designed to pinpoint the exact source of allfluid leaks in hydraulic equipment, compressors, engines, gearboxes,fuel and other synthetic and petroleum-based industrial systems. The kit includes the OPTIMAX 3000 — a cordless, rechargeable super-powerful bluelight LED inspection flashlight. It’s 15 times brighter thanregular LED flashlights and has an inspection range of up to 20 feet(6.1 m).  Powered by a rechargeable NiMH battery, the flashlighthas an LED life of 50,000 hours. Also included in the kit are two 16 oz, twin-neck bottles of patented  OIL-GLO 44concentrated fluorescent oil dye, which is compatible with allsynthetic and petroleum-based fluids. When a leaking industrialsystem is scanned with the OPTIMAX 3000 flashlight, the dye glowsbrightly to reveal the location of the leak. Thekit also includes an 8 oz spray bottle of GLO-AWAY™ dye cleaner, smart AC and DCchargers and fluorescence-enhancing glasses. All components arepacked in a rugged carrying case (pictured here).