Siemens Energy & Automation’s Sitrans P300 pressure transmitter, with a stainless steel housing and a measuring cellthat is flush with the front panel, is easy to clean and sterilize. Thetransmitter is suitable for process temperatures up to 392 F (200 C)and is available with the full range of sanitary connections inaccordance with FDA, 3-A, and EHEDG recommendations. Common industrialprocess connections, such as NPT and ASME flanges, are alsoavailable. The Sitrans P300 transmitter provides measurements with 0.075 percentaccuracy and long-term drift of only 0.25 percent over five years. The Sitrans P300instrument can be installed locally using three keys and adisplay. Diagnostics and simulation functions permitquick startup of measuring circuits to help avoid plantdowntime. The pressure transmitter parameters can be set using Siemens SimaticPDM software and an integral Hart or Profibus-PA interface.