Parker Fluid Control Division”sMarine Selector Valve is designed for electric remote tank selection inapplications with multiple diesel and/or gasoline fuel tanks. The valvepermits continuous engine function during tank switching from thesafety and convenience of the boat’s control panel. The two-way,normally closed valve, rated for fuel-safety shutoff, features integralsolenoids and a manual override in a one-piece construction.Applications for this valve include marine engines, generator sets, andcross-over piping arrangements, as well as fuel balancing. The valve ismanufactured with six ports for fuel return in diesel tanks and threeports for gasoline and comes with a two-year warranty. Available inaluminum, the valve has a flow capacity of 180 GPH. Electricalspecifications include a molded coil enclosure with yoke, 18 incheslead connections and 12 or 24 VDC voltage. In addition, the valve canoperate with a maximum ambient temperature of 77 C or 170 F and amaximum media temperature of 71 C or 160 F. It can also withstand amaximum operating pressure differential of three PSI when used with a10 watt class F coil.