Viking Pump’s series of gear pumps are a good fit for rubber, plastics, and polyurethane applications. Both internal and external gear pumps are used in the manufacture of base chemicals through dispensing of finished products. Flowrates  range up to 1,500 GPM, differential pressures up to 3,000 PSI, Viking pumps are capable of handling viscosities from water thin to 500,000 cPs. Both internal and external gear pumps have the ability to pump the same amount of liquid per shaft rotation, regardless of material viscosity and pressure requirements. Viking pumps can handle isocyanates and polyols used in insulation, lining, and packaging applications. Viking’s internal gear and industrial lobe pumps are used for transfer of monomers, polymers, and reactor-discharge applications. Viking offers customizable shaft seal solutions with a wide selection of seals that range from multiple lip-seal designs to flushed or quenched ex-double mechanical seals to sealless mag drives.