GE Sensing &Inspection Technologies” PACE 5000 pneumatic pressurecontroller/indicator is the first in the company”s new generation of high precisionmodular instruments for rack-mounting or benchtop applications. It employs full digital controlto provide stability and high slew rate, while its modular design enables easy parts replacement andreduced instrument downtime. The PACE 5000 isbased on GE’s Druck DPI 520platform. It incorporates the latest generation ofpiezo-resistive devices, offering overallprecision, long-term measurement stability and control performance.Designed primarily for 19-inch rack systems, it supportsbench-top instruments and is a good fit for integration into automatedprocesses, where fast and accurate pressure control is required.Multiple units can be combined in the same system to provide a fullrange of pressure calibration capability from 25 mbar to 210 bar.