Gardner Denver”sWelch VARIFLOW DC-Drive Vacuum Pumps are designed for OEM andlaboratory applications. The totally dry DC-drive variable-speed vacuumpumps can be used for full chemical-duty and standard-duty operation.Featuring a two-stage diaphragm mechanism with 45 LPM flowrate andultimate vacuum to 1.5 torr (<2 mbar). The Chemical Duty Model8115D-20 uses PTFE heads and diaphragms and FKM valves. The StandardDuty Model 8115D-25 uses aluminum heads, EPDM diaphragms, and valves.OEM designs are available with or without power supply and controllerin an enclosure or as a bare pump. All models use 24V brushless DCmotors with a maximum power consumption of 85 watts and can restartunder vacuum.