Telatemp’sDT1100 point-and-shoot infrared thermometer can make noncontact hot andcold surface temperature measurements of a pinpointed target area, aswell as provide direct contact measurements using any K-type probethermocouple with a mini-style plug. The infrared thermometer featuresa MEMS infrared sensor with advanced optics and low-voltage circuitryfor fast, accurate, and consistent measurement. Temperature measurementrange is -76  F to 932 F (-60 C to 500 C), with accuracy of +/- 2 percent of reading or +/- 2 C. For IR measurements, a brightlaser-dot sighting system helps pinpoint the center of the exact areato be measured. A two-inch circle can be measured from a distance of 22inches. For probe measurements, the unit displays temperaturesautomatically without using the trigger when the probe is plugged intothe built-in socket.