Thermo Fisher Scientific”s M-PULSe multi-path ultrasonic flowmeter is capable of measuring fluids accurately from as low as 0.06 cSt up to 1,500 cSt. The system’s wider viscosity range was determined during recent testing and indicates its ability to further optimize use of multi-product hydrocarbon pipelines. The meter enables pipeline operators to run thick crude followed by gasoline with no recalibration required between the hydrocarbons. To fulfill larger pipe requirements, the meter now features an extended spool size range to include 500 mm (20 inch) and 600 mm (24 inch) spools along with the standard 100 mm (4 inch) to 400 mm (16 inch) spools. All spool sizes measure as low as 1 ft/s and as high as 50 ft/s to provide the highest turndown ratio of 50-to-1. Customers seeking to reduce costs also now have the option of economical carbon steel model in addition to standard stainless steel. The flowmeter has no moving parts and does not require calibration following replacement of a transducer which helps minimize maintenance and downtime. Accuracy of +/- 0.10 percent of flow and repeatability of +/- 0.02 percent.