StaffordManufacturing Corp.”s IQ (instrument quality) shaft collars aredesigned for medical, pharmaceutical, and scientific instruments orprecision equipment. The collars feature one-piece construction withradiused outside edges, a 32 RMS finish on all surfaces, and aself-locking clamping screw.  Precision balanced for use onhigh-speed rotating equipment, these instrument quality shaft collarsare offered in electropolished stainless steel, steel with a hot blackoxide finish, and anodized aluminum. Available in standard sizes from1/4″ to six inches I.D., the collars were developed to provide OEMs anddesigners of high quality equipment and medical instrumentation withalternatives to conventional shaft collars that are more precise,attractive, and application-specific. Special treatments, such astapped holes and mounting flats, can be provided. The collars arepriced according to material, size, and quantity; with delivery fromstock. Literature and quotations are available upon request.