Elfab”s Opti-Gard line of bursting discs has been developed specifically for low-pressureapplications from two PSIG. The new Opti-Gard SoLo, the result of aunique design and manufacturing process, is a reverse-acting bursting disc, featuring a 95percent operating-to-burst pressure ratio and a performance toleranceof just 3 percent. Supports liquid, gas, and vapor applications. Pre-fitted with integral Flo-Tel, Elfab’s reliable,noninvasive, magnetic burst-detection system. Unlike traditionalmembrane-type detectors, Flo-Tel is failsafe and operates only when adisc has ruptured, eliminating false alarms and unnecessary downtime. The disc fits allstandard Opti-Gard and Hygienic Opti-Gard holders and is supplied incorrosion-resistant Hastelloy as standard; other materials, includingstainless steel, are available upon request. Tested to over100,000 cycles.