Siemens Energy & Automation’sSitrans MPS pressure transmitters with submersible sensors will notstick or clog, do not require compressed air, and are not affected bycondensation or tank obstructions. The compact transmitters feature anaccuracy of 0.3 percent of rate for hydrostatic level measurements inwells, tanks, channels, and dams used in oil and gas, shipbuilding, andwater and wastewater industries. A flush-mounted, piezo-resistivesensor with a stainless-steel diaphragm provides corrosion resistance.The tranmitters are equipped with an electronic circuit fitted with thesensor in asmall, stainless-steel housing. The output voltage of the sensor isapplied to the electronic circuit where it is converted into anindustry-standard output current of four to 20 mA. The transmitters areavailable in various measuring ranges to meet numerous applicationrequirements. Optional explosion protection is also available.