Burkert’s Type 8041 electromagnetic flow transmitter (pictured here) and Type 8045 insertion magmeter — eachincorporating a stainless steel finger and fitting — meet high-temperature/high-pressure requirements for flowapplications.The Type 8041 is an all-in-one device designed to operate as atransmitter and/or an on/off control unit with a -4 F to 302 F mediumtemperaturerange and 232 PSI maximum fluid pressure capability. The unitaccommodates clean or contaminated liquids with a conductivity > 20µS/cm. Compatible with pipe diameters from 1/2″ to 16 inches, theType 8041 offers a measuring range of 0.33 FPS to 33 FPS. A bargraphprovides flowrate visualization. Accuracy (for a measured value of 3.3FPS to 33 FPS/-4 F to 266 F) is +/- 2 percent of measured value usingBurkert’sTeach-In automatic calibration mode, +/- 4 percent of measured valueusingstandard K-factor. Linearity is +/- 1 percent of measured value +/- 0.1percent of FS,while repeatability is 0.25 percent of measured value.