Omega Engineering”sPXM209/219 Series pressure transducers are designed for harshindustrial equipment applications, such as fuel and hydraulic systems,refineries, extruders, and OEM manufacturing equipment. Based on thecompany”s PX4600 sensor family, the PXM209/219 Series” high performanceis a result of the full bridge construction, which uses amicro-machined diffused silicon diaphragm and thin-film media withdielectric isolation barriers. The unit”s proprietary ASIC providestemperature compensation from -20 C to 80 C, including tight tolerancesfor zero balance (+/-2 percent full scale) and span (+/-1.5 percentfull scale). The PXM209/219 Series features an all-stainlesssteel body, gage, vacuum, and compound ranges betweenzero-to-one to zero-to-20 bar, outputs of zero to 10 Vdc orfour to 20 mA, and a rugged high-shock andvibration-rated design for tough OEM applications (withstands 20 gpeak sinusoidal vibration from 10 Hz to 2000 Hz, 12 mmD.A.). 100,000 Hr MTBF is typical. The PXM209 is availablewith a one meter screened four-conductor cable, and the PXM219 ships with aDIN 43650 plug connector.