Badger Meter”s Series 380 BTU flow sensors is an energy measurement solution for HVAC contractors and energy engineer specifiers. The Series 380 comes standard with a pulse output and RS-485 (BACnet MSTP and Modbus RTU) — making it compatible with virtually any building management system.
The Badger Series 735, a plastic tee-type, non-magnetic impeller flow sensor, is a good fit for small pipe size applications. The Series 735 provides an accurate reading of the rate of liquid flow. It has an internal preamplifier that allows the pulse signal to travel up to 2,000 feet without further amplification.

Features and benefits of the Series 380 include:

•    Tee, flow sensor, two temperature probes and Btu calculator with every unit
•    Available in _”, 1″, 1 _”, 1 _” and 2″ sizes
•    Rated NEMA 4x with conduit connection
•    Pre-wired flow sensor and temperature probes to the electronics assembly
•    Non-magnetic SDI-style flow sensor

Features and benefits of the Series 735 include:

•    Compatible with any Badger meter flow monitor transmitter
•    Available in _”, _” and 1″ sizes
•    PVC tee, solvent weld socket end connections and removable, PPS sensor with every unit
•    Four-blade impeller design