Flowserve”s Guardian 3000  electronics cooling  pump isdesigned for  use in cooling computer processors and graphics chips in high-end consumer  personal computers. Measuringapproximately 90 mm (3.54 in) in length and 36 mm (1.42 in) indiameter, the Guardian 3000 is the smallest pump ever developedby  Flowserve. An overhung centrifugal, nonmetallic,magnetic-drive, seal-less pump, the  Guardian 3000 uses patentedmotor  technology and innovative design to  achieve the smallform factor  necessary to fit microcomputer and other electronic package applications. The pump is powered by an integralbrushless 12-volt  DC motor,  and is designed for a minimumfive-year maintenance-free  life. Collaboratively designed andmanufactured by members of the  company”s Memphis, Tenn.; Vernon,Calif.; and Dayton, Ohio  facilities, the  unit hassuccessfully completed tens of thousands of  hours ofendurance  testing and more than 40,000 cycles of on/off tests.