SchroederIndustries” SC automatic self-cleaning filters are designed toremove solid contamination from process fluids and to protect theintegrity of high-grade components that depend on low-viscosity, water,or water-based lubricants. The filters are a good fit for applicationswhere fluid flow cannot be interrupted and must be maintained at anacceptable cleanliness level. The filters can achieve flowrates up to33,000 GPM with ANSI flange sizes ranging from two to 36 inches.Particle removal is accomplished with slotted-tube filter elementsranging from 50 to 3,000 microns and super-mesh filter elements from 25to 40 microns. Due to the filters unique single-element cleaningprocess, total filtered flow is not reduced during the cleaningprocess. The filters are available in a range of sizes – from thesmallest SC02 up to a high-capacity SC36. The SC02 filter can handle upto 120 gallons per minute of water or low-viscosity fluids. TheSC04-SC08 can filter up to 1,980 gallons each minute, while theSC10-SC36 can take on 33,000 gallons of water a minute.